Dennis Eric Stout
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Okay, my history class only has 3 exams, versus 4 for my other classes.

My chemistry is slipping! I only got a 97% on the last exam :o Joking aside, we covered quantum mechanics on single atoms. We're supposedly going to cover quantum mechanics of molecular systems too, but judging by this guys pace compared to the course syllabus, I don't think that's going to happen. We're covering the Lewis dot structure now... I think this course would have been better if we started with that and worked the other direction. If I stop going to class and get a 0 on the final exam, I'll pass the class with a 70% so it's pretty well impossible for me to fail this class.

I got a 101% on the math test; we covered logarithmic and exponential functions, graphed them, split "complicated" logs apart into simple ones, combined bunches of simple logs into "complicated" logs... then of course there was the traditional move the graph left, right, up, down, shrink it and expand it. Next, we're going to look at solving systems of equations and matrices. I got news for her; I learned solving systems of equations and matrices back in middle school >:)

Because my next history test lines up with the 4th exam for my other two classes, I'm opting to say we did not have an exam 3 for history.

I've also seemed to have taken up a new hobby of collecting calculators. I have a simple one that's great for most everything but graphing, and a graphing calculator. Then I lost my simple one so I bought another in the same series but with different features; it does systems of equations and matrices where-as my old one did not. Then I found my lost one. And my graphing calculator is "too awesome" to use on exams so I got another less powerful graphing calculator for tests from my wife, which is odd because the stuff that makes my graphing calculator too awesome is stuff we don't use in this class, so... So that's 4 calculators: TI-36X Solar (my awesome simple one), TI-36X Pro (not so awesome but it does do systems and matrices, so..), TI-83 graphing calculator which my wife loaned me, and a TI-89 Titanium which I can't use because it's too good at doing stuff we're not covering in this class.

Also, as an aside: I have found that my math book has answers for all the odd numbered problems in the back, so when I have to teach math to someone, it'll be that much easier to generate a homework assignment.