Dennis Eric Stout
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First round of tests this semester. They almost all lined up, sort of. Within a few weeks anyways.

Chemistry, we covered moving decimal points left and right by either multiplying or dividing by 10. No joke. We also talked about rounding numbers. And a sort of system for naming molecules, but it was by no means complete; we covered the bit where you call the cation by name and the anion by "whatever sounds appropriate". What? Whatever sounds appropriate? So if I think NaCl should be sodium chloromate, that would be correct? So uh, good thing I already know how to name compounds. Just so everyone else knows I know, yes, NaCl is sodium chloride. I got a 107% on the test. I think he needs to learn how to round properly because I did miss 1 question... Now we're all the way up to balancing chemical equations. Why do I feel like I'm back in high school?

American History was cool, we discussed the colonization of North America starting with the Spanish and their mission system, progressing on to France and England moving in, the war, and finally independance. I got a legitamite 85% on the test, but with bonus points, I got a 95%. Yay bonus points! But I'll have to study a little harder. On the plus side, this guy teaches the class in a way I've never seen history taught before. He has entire skits he performs to make us truly understand what was happening, even if we don't remember exact dates or names of specific acts.

Math, I got a 94.5% on the last test. There were only 17 questions; mostly what I missed were partial points for little brain farts here and there. I don't know how to describe what we covered. I could say systems of inequalities, systems of equations, graphing, functions and such but that's the same as I did last year. This was a little more indepth. I still already knew it, but hey. Still not out of high school here yet either.
Because, if naming the compounds was ALL it was about - I learnt that when I was 12 ... at the very least it is the first half of first semester in first year at Aus unis (where they catch up on all you failed to learn at school, specially in Chem, as it frequently misses the mark) ... and the maths ... definitely high school ... the history seems better, depends how much depth there was in it. No wonder US colleges like Aus graduates ....

Well done, anyway. Hope it all leads to something better.

Um, why are you not doing comp sci at college? an official qualification would surely lead to something more interesting than configuring workstations (even if they are at NASA :) )
In elementary school, I learned all about p+'s, e-'s, and n0's (forgive the lack of superscripts..), the nucleus and orbitals. In middle school, chemistry was not covered... in high school, we started from the beginning but covered such things as bond energies, types of bonds, acid/base models, etc. Now here I am in college and... hey, did you know there are these little electron-thingies with negative charges?

I'm not sure if history was high school level or not, to be honest. I failed out of high school before I got to that class.

I am doing comp-sci; it's going to be another 4 years or so before I get to the part where I learn about computers though, mostly because I'm doing it while working at NASA. Oh well.

I wonder if my paperwork for immigrating to Aus is still valid. It was accepted 10 years ago as a skilled worker migration since I had a necessary skill-set, but I never went in for the physical exmaination or paid the filing fee.