Dennis Eric Stout
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Nobody read the book (well, 3 of us did) so we couldn't talk about it in class. This pissed off the teacher os he made the test super hard. I got the highest grade in the class with a 79%.

Now we're off to study Aristotle...

Oh, and weird chick is still weird.


I gave an introductory speech of myself, filled the time slot well, got a perfect 100%. Scored an 83% on the exam afterwards... The way grading works though, even if I bombed all 3 exams with 0's I could get a 70% in the class. So all I need to get an A then is slightly better than a 66% on each exam. But that's automatically a failing grade, so I have to get 70's or better so.... but anyways.

The next speech is a commemorative speech. I'm going to commemorate Shirin Ebadi for everything she has done to advance human rights, children's rights, and prisoners rights.



The teacher likes to make it sound as though every story involves sex, so I threw one over on him. We read a story about a guy who was reluctant to meet a blind person because of some preconceived notions he had from television. In the story, his wife has been communicating with him for over a decade and brings him to the house to stay for a night while he's on a trip to visit his in-laws. The blind guy and the other dude have a moment of bonding while smoking weed and watching tv.

Then we discussed it in class, and everyone was talking about this and that and the other thing... I said it was all one giant metaphor for gay sex.

Class goes "wha?".

The guys wife wanted him to experiment so she found a suitable friend to enlighten her husband with, introduced them, and then the epiphany of the story where he's figuring out that blind people aren't that bad, that's when he's having an orgasm. Duh.

He was dumb-founded, so my job was done.

Do I really think the story was sexual in any way? No. Kind of my point; in the words of Sigmund Freud, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".

We had a test, I'll find out my grade on tuesday.