Dennis Eric Stout
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So my big question this week was whether or not Texas had some silly "must graduate within x years" rules.. It does not! So I can take my happy ass sweet time.

That said, I'm going to make use of every mini-semester I can to get ahead. And summer semester.


Weird chick is still weird. Read "Republic" by Plato, it was interesting. Covers population control, subjugation of different classes and genders, who should be educated in what ways, and gets rid of the idea of family units. Instead, mating would only occur one month out of the year as the ruling class saw fit, and only between couples the ruling class arranged. All people younger than yourself would be labeled your "children" and would be off-limits for the following years mating rituals, but your sisters and brothers are still fair game. Awesome, Plato!

Going to cover Mussolini, Machiavelli, and Marx in the course of this semester too.

Public Speaking

I have to give a 3 minute speech introducing myself on Tuesday. Piece of cake. Otherwise... rude class is rude; everyone is in a dual credit program for the high school that's inside the college. All of my classmates are 16, 17..

Composition II

Read "The tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe, had to write a review. Discussed it in class too. I declared that the guy had a subluxation of the C1-C2 vertebrae; that would explain perfectly the ringing in his ears, the dulling of his senses that he perceived as heightening, aural hallucinations, and general craziness.

Teacher was like "Uh... what?"

But I backed it up with explanations on how the nervous system works, how muscle tensions work and affect nerve function, etc etc. He accepted all that, but really... am I the only one who knows how the human body works? Well..... again, this class, too, is full of dual credit students - they're all 16 or 17yo high schoolers.