Dennis Eric Stout
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Introduction to Social & Political Philosophy

Weird chick is weird. She'll get up in the middle of lecture and walk around to see what other people are doing, reading their notes and looking at their laptop screens. Then she'll comment on someones (mine) shirt and not understand what the word "pictorial" means when I say it's a "pictorial pun". Or she'll reach down to touch someones steel toe boot, pick something off it, and hand it to the guy.

The attention whore in this class is nowhere near as bad as the attention whore from last semester, but she still intrudes on too many of my conversations with others. Either that or she's "hungry", ifnya know what I mean wink wink nudge nudge.

As far as class material, we discussed Martin Luther King Jr.'s letter from a Birmingham jail cell in class. Covered some of what some "Leo Strauss" guy considers to be "politics". I find it interesting that we've spent 2 days so far doing nothing but covering definitions. Definitions are important; can't have a real discussion that doesn't devolve into hate-filled agreement without them.

Public Speaking

No sign of the teacher yet, but we did have a substitute on Thursday. This'll be an easy class; I read through the book and it's all stuff I learned in JROTC. All I really need to learn are the words this particular book uses for concepts I already know. No big deal.

Composition II

We read some lame story about a woman who had a bunch of potatoes dropped into her kitchen that constantly came back when she tried to throw them out. Turns out her family all died at once and her lover left her behind while seeking employment elsewhere. The potatoes grew into babies that crawled around and followed her everywhere. My take on it was that they were a metaphor for repressed memories that were interfering with her life until she accepted them and embraced them. Lame, really.

I voiced that opinion in class in response to the teacher asking what we thought of it. Nobody else said squat. This is one of those times when I wonder if I'm really smart for seeing the metaphor immediately and everyone else was incapable of seeing it, or if everyone else saw it and thought it was so lame that they didn't bother to say anything about it and I'm pretty stupid for thinking I must be smart for seeing something so obvious.