Dennis Eric Stout
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Philosophy class.. Weird chick is WEIRD. She talks really quietly, and every time I tell a joke, she holds her hand back over her shoulder so I can high-five it. Then she leaned backwards over her chair to tell me, upside down, that she likes my laugh. And then she stared at me. For a long time. It made everyone in the room, not just me, uncomfortable. Even the prof. As far as class material, we were sent home to read Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from a Birmingham Jail Cell. We'll be discussing it in class on Thursday. This is the same prof I had for philosophy last semester, and he is minus his loud coughing throat clearing thing so maybe that stint in the hospital was a good thing.

Speech class... teacher was sick, no class.

English class, Composition II. Obviously this guy has never taught before. And on top of that, everyone in the class with me are in high school. Literally. Dual credit program. So, one of his rules is "no talking during class", which is fine, I respect that. But then he was writing on the whiteboard and had been doing so for 2 minutes. A girl across the room said something to herself so faintly I could barely hear it; prof stopped writing, turned around, stared, and waited for her to say "I'm sorry?" before letting out a "pfffffff." and a shake of his head before going back to writing. Yeah, that is a little bit over the line I think. I'll have to beat him into line. No real assignment yet but we did a "diagnostic essay" today where we had to write about 3 stories we love. I don't read much fiction and I'm not about to recount all the physics books I've read, so I started out saying I don't read but I have amassed a collection of stories about real people, in real current events. I wrote about Shirin Ebadi, Lou Xiaobo, and Martin Luther King Jr. The central theme was that I liked the selfless and peaceful fights for civil liberties. Supposedly it doesn't get graded, which is good because I screwed up Lou Xiaobo's name big time....