Dennis Eric Stout
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I've been having dreams for the past few nights... And not the random disjointed ones either.

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was working in a grocery store and new management had come in, threatening to punish us all if we even thought about something we weren't supposed to. Well, not only did I think about something I wasn't supposed to, but I took a pad of paper and wrote down the name "Matroska" in relation to it. Then I walked around with the pad as if nothing had happened and locked it in a locker. Someone told me "If you didn't write it down, there's no way they would have known and you wouldn't have had to hide it." I don't know what Matroska is.

Last night, I dreamed about running down the road, in a race with other people, at night. It was odd, I was running down a small hill and the road flattened out before me, and there was another hill way up ahead. A single headlight from a motorcycle came over the top of it, and as I ran past it, I realized I "ran past the German". I had some idea that I had also ran past the Brazilian too, in the same manner. When I got to the top of the hill that the German had come from, I had won the race.

Weird shit.