Dennis Eric Stout
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We were tasked with writing an essay showing cause & effect. I wrote my essay about "Name Calling".

I listed the good parts of it; we can call each other names when a friend exhibits behavior that's and contradictory to their overall view of the world and they'll understand that we really know they're not that, so they'll laugh and the humor raises spirits.

I also listed all the bad parts of it; it prevents people from discussing ideas or presenting solutions to problems, and if someone is told that their great idea is endorsed by someone else with a name they don't like, they'll drop the idea in a bid to not be like that other person.

The essay itself was crap for structure, format and layout. The thesis was weak so the conclusion suffered. Hard to conclude something you aren't even hypothesizing! Some of my support was a little inconsistent too.

She gave me an "A" because I chose a non-typical topic (most people I guess choose things like abortion, gun rights, prohibition of alcohol/drugs, and violence but never venture outside of that sphere) and went into all kinds of psychology on it that she'd never heard anyone talk about before but made sense.

I get to revise it and turn it in again in a few weeks.
I wrote one on Moment Magnitude one. Teacher did not understand half of it as It was heavy on mathematics. (Actually they were really easy formulas. he should have at least learned to ask Profs when needed. It's Technical University).