Dennis Eric Stout
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I had two more exams this week, one in philosophy and one in math.

The Math test wasn't difficult, but it had a lot of work and not a lot of time. I am confident that I got all the answers I got correct, but I was half way through the last remaining question when he announced he is now leaving and if we didn't give our tests to him immediately (it was passed the end of class and he teaches another class at another college), we'd get 0's. I'm sure I got a 95% on the test, which with the homework and such, would bring me up to a 103. I did calculate that with the two previous 110%'s that I have, I could get as low as a 50% total score on this test and still have a 90 in the class. With the homework, that means I could get as low as a 37%. Yeah right.

The philosophy test was difficult, not because of the material, but because it was multiple choice and all his answers could be interpreted multiple ways - usually two ways. One wrong, one right. I talked to a few people after class, they felt the same and answered the same way I did but were also uneasy about them. We're either all passing or all failing!

I got an A on my last english essay. Easy class. My classmates are not helpful in their peer reviews tho so writing decent papers is hard; I like to bounce things off other people to see if what I'm saying makes sense but they just... well, they mark up what sentences in my paper are topic sentences, which ones tie back to my thesis statement, etc.. except I already knew those things, I wrote it. Ah well.

We'll see what happens.