Dennis Eric Stout
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I recently came back to LJ. Facebook was nice for a while, I had a good fling with it, but it dawned on me the other day that it didn't really satisfy me. LiveJournal has larger conversations, the ability to handle more.

Facebook is quick and to the point, with instant gratification. I can get off quick.

Livejournal requires more... attention. But with a little effort, it works for you and facilitates everything you ever want. Facebook just gives you what most people want, which satisfies the here and right now, but if you have anything thats out of norm, then you just don't get it. It's shallow.

That said, I look back on what all I've posted to LiveJournal in the last several years and... I'm amazed. I haven't changed a bit in 4 years.

Not entirely true... I've progressed materially. I have a house... but mentally, I've digressed. I don't work projects that are as meaningful anymore; I don't think thoughts that are as controversial anymore. I don't engage people in mentally challenging conversations anymore so much as I just flat out tell them they're stupid.

I blame Facebook and it's short character limit.

I'm back on LiveJournal, I'm engaging my brain again, and I'm looking for new projects to learn and explore with.
Facebook is good for a lot of whitless banter. I use it for what I used to consider meme and junk posts here. When I have something intelligent or important to say I'll post it here. Sometimes I'll post it as a note there, but besides Chris most people I actually want to hear a reply from are over here.
Good Luck with that ... we've all got too busy, or acquired jobs we cant talk about (viz, me) .. or *shock, horror* now treat computers as a day job and dont touch them any other time (not me, but it happens ...) :)
Welcome back to the dark side! Have a cookie.