Dennis Eric Stout
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Mr. Brown,

I apologize for my President's behavior, it was very rude.

Your gift was so well thought out that I can't even begin to think of a suitable gift to give in return, but make no mistake, I do understand the significance of it. Wood from a warship used to fight slave trading was hand carved into an ink pen and presented to the first Black President of the United States. This ink pen now sits at a desk that was fashioned, also by hand, from the sister ship of that warship. Both the desk and the ink pen sit in the Oval office where the first Black President of the United States sits to sign his various papers for legislation.

While there is nothing I can offer in return for that gift, I can offer you something that our president should have had no trouble giving you and that is a most excellent dinner!

If you would please send me a list of who all will be attending and what allergies anyone might have, as well as a good date to attend, I'll make sure a dinner fit for a King and Queen is prepared.

Dennis Stout

P.S. Do you like beer?